Comprehensive tools to keep claims flowing.

Claim Management made sensible.

How Zebu Helps You

  • Inpatient, Outpatient, Specialty Claim Support
  • Medicare, Medicaid, and most Major Private Payers
  • Prevent Denials
  • Speed Up Payment
  • Reduce Days in A/R
  • Reduce Support Time with On-Point Warning Messages and Context-Based Links
  • Client-Specific White-Labeled DashBoards Provide Insight into Trends, Benchmarks, and Opportunities
  • Average 10,000 Changes per Week to Coding and Coverage Rules – We’re on Top of Them Every Day with a nationally certified content team that curates every change
  • Tested constantly by thousands of client sites across every specialty

ClaimScrub does the Impossible, so you can do the Important

  • Custom Edit Engine for the Last Mile
  • Establish Custom Edits or Modified Rules for Specific Clients or Provider Types
  • Custom Edits are Fully Integrated, Fully Documented, and Fully Transparent
  • Most Nuanced and Complete Rule Engine Available
  • Easy to Use

But wait there’s more!

  • Historical Edit module tracks care, coding and coverage across time, providers, and multiple claims
  • Identify issues with bundling, 3-day rule, post-op periods, related care episodes, duplicate billing, split claims

Use ClaimScrubTM and DataTankTM For:

  • Medical Necessity

    Check coverage requirements for Medicare, Medicaid, and dozens of private payers

  • Correct Coding

    Validate codes, modifiers, CCI, quantities, bundling, and more

  • Contextual Feedback

    Know what the problem is, how to fix it, and a link to the source

Why Choose ClaimScrub

Comprehensive Claim Validation and Scrubbing System

Why Choose DataTank

Flat File Raw Data Extracted From Claim Scrub

Interested in comparing DataTank and ClaimScrub?

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