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Simply and immediately improve medical coding efficiency to stop denials, improve reimbursements, and simplify appeals.

Medical coding is simple with our affordable and easy-to-use solution, EpiCoderTM. Our complete, web-based, outpatient medical coding solution includes a full suite of coding tools that simplify the coding process and save you time. Improve your effectiveness and streamline your workflow with our user-friendly encoder.

Improve accuracy and efficiency of your medical coding:

  • Use Zebu Intelligent Search TM to look up policies and codes including:
    • ICD-9 and ICD-10 diagnosis and procedure codes
    • NCD/LCD policy information
    • CPT/HCPCS procedure codes
    • CPT Modifiers, Global Surgery Modifiers, Etc
    • DRG/MDC/APC codes
    • Primary, Secondary, and Add-on procedure codes
    • RVU and fee schedules
  • View links to original sources of every policy.
  • Comply with proper usage guidelines including NCCI/CCI edits.
  • Receive warnings for invalid entries and reduce denials.
  • Transition with ICD-9 to ICD-10 annotated crosswalk.

Streamline workflow with user-friendly personalization:

  • Customize your personal dashboard layout to support your personal workflow.
  • Look up codes by keyword, search the index, or browse by category.
  • Save frequently used codes in your favorites list.
  • Create personal notes for quick reference.
  • Enjoy a solution designed by medical coders for medical coders.

Benefit from our convenient, free to try solution:

  • Web-based solution that can be accessed with any internet connection
  • No software installation or downloads required
  • Free training and unlimited user support
  • Fully scalable from a single, independent coder to a large hospital coding staff
  • More affordable than reference books and other software

Gain a trusted partner in Medical Coding:

“I truly appreciate the personal attention. I will surely inform others about your software and your outstanding service.” -M.F., Florida

“Hands down, this is better looking than 3M” -R.F., North Carolina

*CPT is a registered trademark of the American Medical Association